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Out of Country/Province Transfers 

Ornge is responsible for the provision of aero-medical services to residents in the Province of Ontario for treatment within the Province of Ontario. When treatment and/or procedures not available in Ontario are required by an Ontario resident, a transfer to a location outside of the province is coordinated by CritiCall or the hospital.

In the event that a non-Ontario resident requires aero-medical transportation while in Ontario, the same processes apply, including transporting the patient to the most appropriate medical facility (as determined by CritiCall or the hospital), subject to the same permissions for transfer to a location outside of Ontario. Non-Ontario residents may be billed for the cost of transport. Information regarding ambulance service billing for Ontario residents, visitors from other provinces and visitors from other countries is available in the Ambulance Service Billing section of the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care public website.

Should an Ontario hospital require transport of a non Ontario patient, who does not meet the criteria for Ornge services to a facility in the United States, Ornge recommends contacting an aviation charter company. Ornge is not responsible for fees associated with these services. For more information on OHIP Out of Country Services please visit Out of Country Services