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About This Podcast

Ornge is responsible for transporting some of the sickest, most severely injured and complex patients within the province of Ontario. This podcast series will dissect some of the most challenging calls and focus on lessons learned.


Kayleigh and Caleb's Patient Journey

En route to an event, Kayleigh finds herself pulled over on the side of the road with three-year-old Caleb who's health takes a turn for the worst. This episode explores their patient journey with Ornge.


Blood on Board

Discover the groundbreaking world of critical care transport and blood on board in the latest episode of the Ornge Precision Podcast. Join hosts Mike and Justin as they speak with Dr. Mike Peddle, Associate Medical Officer at Ornge and Dr. Yulia Lin, Hematologist at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center, as they delve into this innovative initiative.

In this episode, they discuss the challenges and complexities of bringing blood products on board for critical care patients in the field. Learn how this program was developed and the incredible partnership with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center to make it a reality.



Simulation Part 1

Hosts Mike and Justin are joined by expert guests Dr. Andrew Petrosoniak, Trauma Team Leader at St. Michael's Hospital, and Marcie Auger, Critical Care Paramedic at Ornge. The episode is divided into two parts, with the first focusing on team performance and the systems within which healthcare workers operate.

Simulation Part 2

In the second segment, hosts Mike and Justin are joined by Dr. Andrew Petrosoniak, Trauma Team Leader at St. Michael's Hospital, and Marcie Auger, Critical Care Paramedic at Ornge to discuss team performance within the healthcare setting. The discussion centres on the critical role of effective team dynamics in impacting patient outcomes and the overall work environment for healthcare teams.


Hosts Mike and Justin discuss Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) with Dr. Eddy Fan, an Intensivist at University Health Network and the Medical Director of ECMO at Toronto General Hospital. Together, they explore the evolution of ECMO, its pivotal role during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the critical collaboration with Ornge's air and ground transport services.

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