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About This Podcast

Ornge is the largest provider of air and land ambulance services in Canada. We perform more than 20,000 patient-related transports per year. This podcast will give you insight to the inner workings of our organization.

From coordinating and dispatching calls, triaging patients across the province, and the logistics that come with operating a fleet a helicopters, planes and land ambulances. We will tell you what it takes to deliver life saving care in an ever changing environment.


COVID-19 with Dr. Bruce Sawadsky

In this episode, we sit down with Dr Bruce Sawadsky, Ornge’s Chief Medical Officer. We learn a bit about his experience, through his 20 years of leadership within the provincial air ambulance program and we discuss how Ornge continues to provide essential service while navigating the changes that come with COVID-19.



Operation Remote Immunity: Part 1

In this episode, we sit down with Lynne Innes, President and CEO of Weeneebayko Area Health Authority, Cynthia Yellowhead, Community Coordinator in Nibinamik, and Brian Crowe, Ornge PC12 Captain.

We learn about the implementation of Operation Remote Immunity in various communities across northern Ontario, and discuss the importance of providing vaccines to Northern communities.



Operation Remote Immunity: Part 2

In this episode, we meet Team 6, who detail their journey to deliver vaccinations to the community members of Kashechewan. We also talk to Patrick Auger, Incident Commander for Operation Remote Immunity and Rob Taranishi, Logistics Section Chief for Operation Remote Immunity. Members from Team 6 interviewed for this episode include: Steve Darling CCP (Team Lead), Dr Laurie Mazurik (2IC), Dr Karen Devon (Vaccinator), Norm Wesley (Community Coordinator).


Flight Paramedicine with Pat and Marcie

When you see an air ambulance fly overhead, have you ever wondered what’s going on inside, or how the “heroes of the sky” do their job?  Pat and Marcie Auger, Ornge’s ‘dynamic duo’ take us through the finer points of Flight Paramedicine - and the lifestyle that goes with it.

Working out of Ornge's Ottawa base as Critical Care Paramedics, they share insights from some of their experiences on the job, discuss common misconceptions, and talk about how they navigate their relationship while working together.



 PC12 Pilots with Christa Wallace and PE Binderup

Ever wonder what it's like to be an air ambulance pilot? At Ornge, pilots account for about 20 per cent of our workforce. Working out of various bases across the province of Ontario, our pilots are responsible for our fleet of Pilatus PC12s and Leonardo AW139s.

In this episode, we sit down with Captain Christa Wallace, and Captain Poul-Erik Binderup, to discuss how they became pilots as well as gain insight about their day to day life on the job.


Education and Training with David Dasti

Have you ever wondered about the kind of training and education needed to supports our team of highly skilled paramedics?

Ornge's Education and Training department delivers a number of programs using a combination of instructor and self-lead learning, practical lab sessions, patient simulation, on-line learning and clinical placement. In this episode, Phil Kim sits down with David Dasti, Education Specialist, to discuss how Ornge develops, maintains and implements training.



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