Ornge’s Strategic Plan 2017-2020 provides a three-year outlook on initiatives that will enhance our patient care and transportation services and our integration with system partners. The Plan supports key goals of Ontario’s Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care including improving access, coordination, integration and sustainability of our healthcare system.  Our Plan builds on our strengths, and identifies the opportunities and challenges that we face.  The Plan identifies our strategic directions and specific priorities that we will implement in order to bolster our organization’s contribution to Ontario’s healthcare system.


CEO’s Message


Dr Andrew McCallum, Ornge President and CEO

This is an exciting time for Ornge.  Over the next three years, we will be contributing in new ways to healthcare in Ontario, building on our “connect and integrate” role in the provincial health system. 

Our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan builds on the foundation of the 2014-2017 Plan.  We challenged the organization’s fundamentals during this planning process and concluded that the delivery model is sound and that our strategic goals with some fine-tuning continue to be appropriate. 

I invite you to explore our 2017-2020 Strategic Plan and hope you share our enthusiasm in our efforts to improve outcomes for patients across Ontario and to enhance coordination and integration with partner organizations in the healthcare system.

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Goal 1

Goal 1:Focus our efforts and resources on activities that improve patient outcomes  


Service to patients is at the centre of Goal 1.  We aim to use our assets and apply our efforts in a way that brings the greatest medical benefit to patients across the province – right patient, right care at the right time.  We aim to be innovative in improving care and access for patients with time-sensitive conditions and for residents of remote communities in Ontario’s far north.


Goal 2

Goal 2: Lead and support initiatives that improve coordination and integration with system partners 


Ornge is a system integrator connecting patients with care, often over long distances and sometimes involving complex medical care. Over the last several years we have worked to strengthen strategic alliances with other healthcare organizations including land paramedic services, Central Ambulance Communications Centres (CACCs), CritiCall Ontario as well as other provincial healthcare organizations and hospital-based specialized programs. Ornge aims to collaborate further with partners so that, collectively, we provide excellent and seamless patient care.

Goal 3

Goal 3: Improve service efficiency and effectiveness 


Ornge is committed to delivering high quality care while assuring safety and operational performance. We work at the confluence of two highly regulated sectors – aviation and healthcare – and are also accountable for meeting broader public sector requirements. Goal 3 focuses on initiatives that promote efficient and effective service delivery.


Goal 4

Goal 4: Be a learning and engaged organization 


As a learning organization, we aim to continuously adapt to our operating environment by collecting, interpreting and using information in a way that contributes to safety, problem solving and good decision-making. As an engaged organization, we aim to vigorously promote our successes in achieving our mission so that our staff feel fulfilled and acknowledged in their role in achieving our success. Our staff indicate that there is room for improvement from an engagement point of view. We recognize that corporate culture influences employee engagement and is linked to service reliability. Therefore we have identified corporate culture as a strategic priority.


By 2020


Ornge’s Strategic Plan 2017-2020 is an ambitious, achievable and solid plan for the next three years.  It sets out the key priorities underlying our commitment to delivering safe and timely transport and access to health services.  Many of our milestones will be met in collaboration with other healthcare partners, which we view as essential for maximizing the outcomes of Ontario’s healthcare system more broadly.   As needed, the strategies set out in this document will evolve to remain current and reflect changing circumstances.

Ornge’s Board of Directors and staff are committed to operationalizing the strategic goals, priorities set out in the plan.  Progress will be monitored regularly to ensure that we move steadily toward our vision of being a trusted and responsive partner extending the reach of healthcare in Ontario.

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Read through the Strategic Plan below, or visit our Publications page to download an accessible version.