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Aeromedical Theory

Ornge's Aeromedical Theory Course is a distance education course offered through the Ornge Education and Training Department. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact Aeromedical Administrator at

Aeromedical Theory Course Overview

Designed for those who are interested in employment in the Air Medical Transport sector, the Aeromedical Theory Course is a distance education course that is offered on a continuous basis. The self-study package allows students up to three months to learn and integrate new knowledge prior to writing an on-line examination. Successful graduates are qualified to apply to write the Ontario Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) Aeromedical Theory Certification examination.

A picture of an Ornge Patient Advocate, Karla Gagnon

Aeromedical Theory Course Process

New applicants are welcome, enrollment is available to both Ontario and non-Ontario residents. Please view below for a breakdown of the course content and requirements:

Course Content:

Course Number 1: Medical Administration and Patient Care, Clinical Education 
Course Number 2: Aeromedical Systems and Operations Section 1 
Course Number 3: Survival 
Course Number 4: Flight Operations, Safety and Emergency Procedures 
Course Number 5: Aeromedical Systems and Operations Section 11 – MATC (Optional)


Admission Requirements:

This course is open to external stakeholders who have an interest or are currently working in the field of Paramedicine.
​As a Paramedic, the admission requirements are as follows:

  • Paramedics must hold a Ministry of Health and Long-term Care (MOHLTC) Advanced Emergency Medical Care Assistant (AEMCA) certificate or equivalent.
  • To successfully pass this course, the participant must achieve a minimum score of 70% (without critical error) on the final examination

As General Interest participant, the admission requirements are as follows:
  • General Interest participants are only required to have access to internet. 
  • To successfully pass this course, the participant must achieve a minimum score of 70% (without critical error) on the final examination

Course Cost and Application:

The Aeromedical Theory Course costs $250 CAD. To register, please fill out the application form with a form of payment (credit card, certified cheques or money orders payable to Ornge). Personal cheques or cash cannot be accepted.

  • The individuals who hold an AEMCA or equivalent certification must attach a copy with their application (if certificate is pending, please attach AEMCA Theory application or confirmation letter).

Note: Once the payment has been authorised access to the Aeromedical Course is granted within 24hrs. An orientation email will be sent with course instructions and contact information.

Course Completion:

Once successfully completing the Ornge Aeromedical Theory Course a certificate of completion will be issued by email.  The candidate will then be eligible to write the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Aeromedical Theory written examination

Note: Prior to the MOHLTC Aeromedical Theory Exam, a MOHLTC Coordinator will contact Ornge's Aeromedical Administrator for verification on students completion.
Have any questions or concerns? Contact the Education and Training Department via