Event Invitations

What To Know

Ornge receives many requests to attend community events each year. Whether this request is for a representative to deliver a presentation about Ornge and its services, or to attend an event with an Ornge vehicle, we consider all invitations.  (Due to the high volume of requests we receive, and for operational reasons, we are not able to attend every event.)

Requesting a Vehicle

If you are requesting an Ornge vehicle (airplane, helicopter, land ambulance) at your event, our attendance at any community event with an aircraft is subject to weather, aircraft availability, an approved landing zone and Ornge operational requirements. Please note that patient transports will always take priority, and event participation is subject to change without notice.

When landing a helicopter at an event, Ornge's preference is to land on a load bearing, relatively flat surface.  Regardless of the surface, Ornge requires a minimum area of 200 feet by 200 feet (or a 200 foot diameter) that can be used as a landing zone. For more information on our landing zone requirements, please review the aircraft safety area of our website.

In order for Ornge aviation personnel to evaluate your request for an aircraft and determine a safe approach for take-off and landing, we require the following information for each proposed landing zone:

  • Pictures of the surface and surrounding area from multiple angles.
    • Pictures from the centre of the landing zone facing North, East, South and West at a minimum
    • Identification of any obstacles (hydro poles/wires, tall trees, towers, buildings, etc)
  • Google Earth (or similar image) aerial shot of the entire property, with markers showing where the proposed landing zone(s) is/are. 

In order to land an aircraft at an off-airport event, Ornge may be required to apply for approval with Transport Canada. This application process can take approximately 2 to 4 weeks. In order to process this application, Ornge requires the event organizer to provide:

  • Certification that the landowner(s) has/have granted their permission for the proposed operation;
  • Certification that the municipality has granted their permission for the proposed operation;
  • A security plan for the area(s) of operation;
    • An area will have to be roped/blocked off to allow the aircraft to arrive and depart without causing injury to any attendees or damage to property.
  • Clear, legible presentation of the area to be used during the operation, including the exact boundaries of the area where the actual operation will be carried out.

There is a non-refundable $50 fee (paid by the event organizer) payable to Transport Canada.

If the event will be held in a built-up area*, Transport Canada requires that the governing municipality is informed of the proposed event details and Ornge will require a letter from the municipality granting permission to land.  (Even if the event will not be held in a built-up area, Ornge still recommends that the municipality will be informed.)

*A built-up area consists of a population of at least 1,000 people, where the density is no fewer than 400 persons per square kilometre.

Event Request 

Thank you for inviting Ornge to your upcoming event. We encourage everyone to submit your invitation for review no less than 30 days before your event. Please complete the application form below with as much information about your event as possible. If some information is still not available, please write "TBD" in the accompanying field.

Ornge will review your application and contact you no later than 10 business days after your application has been received. 


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