Drone flying in close proximity to an Ornge helicopter

Ornge launches drone awareness campaign

August 14, 2023

14 August, 2023



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Ornge launches drone awareness campaign and video. When operated near emergency scenes, helipads or airports, drones are a threat to air ambulances and may delay timeline patient transport and care. 

The safety of Ornge patients and crew members is our top priority. Ornge pilots and paramedics face many threats and obstacles, such as terrain and weather conditions, but are well-trained to mitigate these hazards. However, one threat is of particular concern given its small size and how difficult it is to see from the air.

Over the past few years, Ornge helicopter pilots in different regions across the province have spotted drones being operated near emergency scenes or landing sites. If the helicopter is responding to on-scene, they are unable to depart the scene until the drone is no longer present. In some cases, police may be asked to help locate the drone. All of this has the potential to impact timely transport and patient care.

An air ambulance provides critical care transport to critically ill or injured patients. Every second counts.
Drones are small devices and difficult to identify from the cockpit until they are in close proximity to the aircraft. They pose a threat to air ambulances and aircraft when operated in an unsafe manner.

Some threats can’t be controlled. Drones can.

Ornge encourages all drone operators not to operate their drones near airports, helipads or emergency scenes.
To learn more about drone regulations and how to safely operate a drone, please visit the Transport Canada website.



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