Barry with Ornge paramedics, Trisha and Jeff.

A Trip to Remember

February 9, 2024

9 February, 2024


Red Lake, ON

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Sneha Tailor

Over the past summer, Barry was visiting Red Lake Ontario from the United States. Unfortunately, he experienced a medical crisis while out fishing with his family. His story unfolds as a testament to the outstanding air ambulance service provided by Ornge, showcasing a blend of professionalism and genuine care.
As Barry applied sunscreen on the back of his left calf, a sudden movement resulted in excruciating pain that felt like he had displaced his hip. This was quite a concern as he had previously undergone a total hip replacement.
An ambulance was called in, and Barry was transported to the local hospital. Eight medical professionals attempted to address his hip issue but were unsuccessful. Recognizing the need for specialized care, Barry had to be transported to Thunder Bay, where an orthopedic surgeon could provide the necessary level of care.
Barry was taken to the airport where he met Ornge paramedics, Trisha and Jeffrey. Barry commended Trisha for her exceptional support during the flight to Thunder Bay, as she went the extra mile by holding his hand throughout the journey, easing his fear and discomfort.

Upon arrival in Thunder Bay, the orthopedic surgeon promptly addressed Barry's hip issue. Remarkably, by 1 a.m., Barry was given the green light to resume his regular activities, including heading out for another fishing trip.
Despite Barry’s successful recovery, a new challenge emerged – insurance coverage. His private insurance denied coverage of the Ornge transport, citing policy guidelines that recommended Winnipeg as the nearest appropriate hospital. Ornge’s Patient Advocate, Karla Gagnon, prepared crucial documents to help Barry’s case. Thanks to Karla's intervention, Barry's insurance reversed their decision and agreed to cover a portion of the transport. Barry reflects on how the experience might have differed in the United States and expresses gratitude for the exceptional customer service received in Canada.
We’re happy to report that Barry’s road to recovery has been going exceptionally well and he’s looking forward to snowmobiling in the coming weeks.


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