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Staff Profile: Beth Robinson - Fixed Wing Captain

January 18, 2024

18 January, 2024


Thunder Bay

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Justyn Aleluia

Meet Beth Robinson, a dedicated pilot with Ornge since March 2022. Beth started as a Fixed Wing First Officer at our Thunder Bay base and was promoted to Captain in July 2023. We spoke with Beth to learn more about her journey to Ornge, her role in the organization, and what she enjoys about working for Ontario’s air ambulance provider.

How long have you been working with Ornge?

I was hired in March 2022.

What is your current position and what base are you stationed in?

I was hired as a Fixed Wing First Officer and was upgraded to a Captain in July this year. I have been based in Thunder Bay, Ontario for the entire time at Ornge. I've been in Thunder Bay since 2007 so I appreciate being hired out of the city that I call home.

Can you describe your path to your current position?

Aviation is my second career. I grew up in Atikokan, Ontario and went to Lakehead University for Environmental Science once I finished High School. I worked for a Forestry company in Thunder Bay for 10 years, during which time I transitioned into the aerial photography section of the company. I flew aerial photography for them for four years and I worked to gain the licences and ratings to come to Ornge and work as a full-time pilot.

What is one thing every aspiring pilot should know?

I see aviation as a very good career path. I can't help but see my career through the eyes of a female - knowing how many fellow females would be great in a pilot position. I, myself, fell into the role through proximity. It never occurred to me to become a pilot when I was looking for a career path. I think one thing that everyone should know is that you're incredibly capable if you put the work in and aviation is a great field to work in. 

What has Ornge done to help you grow in your role?

Ornge is an incredible place to learn. The pilots I'm surrounded by are very experienced and willing to teach. I've learned an incredible amount in my time at Ornge, and I know I'll continue to learn throughout my time here.

What is one thing that sets Ornge apart from other pilot positions?

Being involved with the medical industry and feeling like you're doing your part with helping patients move from A to B. It's a level of fulfillment that most aviation jobs don't have.  

Who is one person that inspires you to succeed in your field?

Liz Wieben. Christa Wallace. Emily Crombez. I can't just name one, sorry (not sorry). The women that came before me and are coming after me in aviation. Representation is huge. 

What is your favourite part about being a pilot?

Being excited to go to work. Liking who I'm surrounded by and genuinely enjoying my day. Not every day is great, of course. The night shifts are particularly difficult. But overall, I love going to work and I've had enough jobs to understand that that is a rare thing to find.

How important is teamwork in your position?

Extremely important. We have two pilots and two medics who fly as a crew, and we make all of our decisions as a team. Especially when flying in a two-crew environment - communication is so important to ensure all of our flights go smoothly and safely.  

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