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Flying for the First Time: Catherine's Journey with Ornge

June 19, 2024

19 June, 2024



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Sneha Tailor

In mid-January, Catherine had a heart attack. As someone who had witnessed others experience heart attacks, she knew the symptoms all too well. Without hesitation, she called for an ambulance and was rushed to Sensenbrenner Hospital in Kapuskasing.

“The great team of staff there were unbelievable and right on top of things.”

Catherine's condition required specialized treatment in Sudbury, and she was told that she would need to be flown there by air ambulance. However, there was a small predicament - Catherine had an overwhelming fear of flying and had never set foot on an airplane.

“Not only was I a little scared of my heart, I was terrified of flying!!!!”

Despite her anxiety, Catherine found support and reassurance in the care she received at Sensenbrenner Hospital. The staff was attentive, comforting, and even the food exceeded her expectations. When the time came for her to board the air ambulance the Ornge team did everything they could to put her at ease.
Once on board, Catherine's white-knuckle grip softened as the plane took off without her even realizing it. The smooth ascent and gentle cruise above the clouds were far from the turbulent ordeal she had imagined. As the plane leveled off, she found herself peering out the window, mesmerized by the view below. It was a unique and unexpected perspective, and she felt a sense of awe at the smoothness of the journey. The landing was so seamless that she barely felt it.

A view of the wing of an airplane flying over a snowy landscape

"As I disembarked to head to the ambulance that was waiting, I made sure to stop and thank the pilots for the perfect wonderful first flight of my life! They were surprised it was my first flight."

Catherine's story is a testament to the dedication and compassion of the Ornge team. From the reassuring words to the skilled piloting, they made a difficult situation more manageable. Catherine expresses her deepest gratitude to the entire crew including pilots Andrew and Christopher and paramedics, Devin and Ian.
Through it all, Catherine found strength in the support she received and discovered that even the scariest experiences can be navigated with the right people by your side. Ornge is proud to have been part of her journey, and we wish her continued health and happiness in the future.


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