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Compassion in Crisis

May 22, 2024

22 May, 2024


Sauble Beach

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Sneha Tailor

George had a distinguished career spanning over three decades as a firefighter in Mississauga. Upon retirement, he and his spouse, Liz, relocated to Sauble Beach. In late April, George suffered from a heart attack. Ornge dispatched an air ambulance to facilitate his transfer from Wiarton to St. Mary’s Hospital in Kitchener. Despite George's career as a firefighter, the experience of being airlifted was a new one for him. However, the Ornge crew's professionalism and reassurance eased the journey.

“The amazing crew treated and spoke to him to keep him informed about what was going on with his care, this really helps when you are in an unknown situation, especially with something that could be life threatening.” – Terri, George’s daughter

As Terri waited for the doctors to provide an update, she was able to speak with the Ornge crew about her father’s condition during the flight. Terri found it amazing that they took the time to calm some of her fears, allowing her to provide an update to her mother who was en route from Wiarton. Ornge paramedic, Dana, went above and beyond by returning to the Cardiac Care Unit to ensure that the George knew he had someone there for him—an act that was deeply appreciated and exceeded expectations.
After receiving treatment, including the placement of two stents, George was discharged in early May and his recovery has been progressing well.

“I can’t say enough about the truly wonderful people in Ornge that helped get him to the hospital and took the time to talk to myself and my husband.
Thank-you so much,
Terri and Vince
George and Liz, their children, grandchildren and 3 great grandsons”

Gratitude goes out to the OCC for coordinating George's transport, and to dedicated paramedics Dana, Darrin, and Andrew, as well as pilots Sean and Simona for their compassion and commitment to providing exceptional care.  


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