110KG (242LBS) or greater

Ornge Requires Measures for Patients Equal or Over 110kg

July 12, 2023

12 July, 2023



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Effective Friday, July 14, 2023 Ornge will be requesting additional measurements for patients requiring transport between hospitals in Ontario who weigh equal to or greater than 110KG. This is part of a quality improvement initiative to help improve service to this patient population.
Some patients require additional time, logistics or equipment for safe transport by Ornge. Receiving accurate measurements ensures that the most appropriate resource is selected for transport and reduces transport delays.

As of July 14, the following measurements will be requested for this group of patients:

  1. Width (Widest point) 
  2. Girth (Lap/Seatbelt)
  3. Height
  4. Upper Arm Circumference

By providing accurate and precise measurements, you can do your part to help ensure safe and timely transport for patients.
A video on how to appropriately measure your patient is available below:
A poster with instructions on how to appropriately measure your patient is available for download/printing here.
In addition, Ornge has produced a Quick Access Guide. This guide is a bilingual document with QR codes linking directly to areas of our website discussing pertinent information such as booking, preparing or receiving updates on patient transports. An electronic version is available for download here. To request a hard copy of the guide or measuring tapes, please e-mail info@ornge.ca with the quantity you require and shipping information before July 31, 2023. 
It is our hope that these changes will reduce patient transport delays and ensure the right mode of transportation is used for the right patient.


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