Response Type

Modified Scene Response

A modified scene response occurs when Ornge has been dispatched to the scene but the local land ambulance has already initiated transport to the closest hospital.  Learn more about modified scene response process below.

Modified Scene Response Process

If a modified scene response has been initiated, Ornge will advise the local hospital.  Ornge will directly transport the patient to a trauma or stroke centre without use of CritiCall if:

  • The patient meets the provincial Field Trauma Triage Standard or acute stroke protocol
  • The local physician approves
  • ​The local hospital does not engage in medical care or investigation beyond primary resuscitation after the arrival of Ornge

As long as the attending physician agrees with the modified scene response, the hospital does not need to make arrangements for an inter-facility transfer (i.e. no need to contact CritiCall to initiate the One Number to Call Life or Limb process or to get a PTAC number).
When Ornge paramedics arrive at the local hospital, they will speak with the attending physician and advise him/her that they are able to transport this patient. If the physician agrees, the crew will seek medical orders for patient management from the Ornge transport medicine physician.  The sending physician may also speak with the Ornge transport medicine physician.
The most responsible physician is the one in the local hospital from the point in time that the patient arrives at the hospital. 
If the attending physician decides to manage the patient in excess of the usual primary survey and resuscitation after the arrival of the Ornge medical staff (i.e. CT head, C-spine x-rays) then the modified scene call process does not apply and the attending physician will, as needed:  make arrangements for interfacility transfer with CritiCall in the normal manner and advise the receiving hospital of the patient’s condition. 
If the attending physician is unable to call the receiving hospital, Ornge’s transport physician will contact them directly. The Ornge Communications Centre will advise the receiving of the expected time of patient arrival.

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