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Precision Podcast: Episode 4 – Simulation Part 2

January 5, 2024

5 January, 2024



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Sneha Tailor

Welcome back to the Precision Podcast! In the second episode of our two-part series on team performance, we delve into the crucial role of teams in healthcare. Hosted by Mike Longeway and Justin Smith, the podcast features insights from Dr. Andrew Petrosoniak, Trauma Team Leader at St. Michael's Hospital, and Marcie Auger, Critical Care Paramedic at Ornge. This episode explores the dynamics of healthcare teams, their impact on patient outcomes, and strategies to enhance team performance.
In the first episode, the focus was on system design and its influence on overall team performance. In this episode, the spotlight shifts to the individuals who make up healthcare teams—physicians, nurses, respiratory therapists, paramedics, support, and administrative staff. Positive team dynamics play a pivotal role in delivering safe, effective, and expert care. Teams can be formalized or ad hoc, and their effectiveness hinges on collaboration and communication.
Dr. Andrew Petrosoniak highlights the critical importance of establishing a psychologically safe environment within healthcare teams. This involves fostering a culture where team members feel comfortable speaking up, providing opinions, and expressing concerns. Clear leadership is crucial, but it should coexist with an open atmosphere that encourages every team member to contribute. Andrew shares a practice of initiating pre-briefs before critical events, creating clarity in roles and facilitating personal connections within the team.
Marcie Auger brings a unique perspective from the paramedicine field. She emphasizes the need for paramedics to read the room, know their audience, and leverage available resources in diverse situations. Marcie encourages paramedics to value and recognize the strengths of their team members, building a shared goal of safely treating and transporting patients. The podcast also highlights the importance of regular team updates and debriefs in paramedicine.
The conversation draws parallels between healthcare and other industries, highlighting the need for regular debriefs, acknowledgment of successes, and continuous learning.
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