A group of paramedics waking towards an Ornge helicopter A group of paramedics bringing an Ornge patient on a gurney into an Ornge helicopter
Daniel Lewis

April 12, 2019

12 April, 2019

Using words in a positive way
Leonardo AW139 helicopter in flight

March 22, 2019

22 March, 2019

Pool injury sends man to hospital
Apple and measuring tape

June 11, 2019

11 June, 2019

Ornge Bariatric Patient Transport Protocols
Hospital and Helicopter

May 31, 2019

31 May, 2019

VIDEO: Mark Etherington, Critical Care Flight Paramedic
Hospital and Helicopter

May 28, 2019

28 May, 2019

VIDEO: Justin Smith, Chief Flight Paramedic

Ornge is dedicated to providing exceptional care and we look forward to supporting the patients we serve.

There may be times when you or your family members need help finding information or voicing a concern. The Patient Advocate, Karla Gagnon, is available to assist patients and families with their healthcare concerns, and facilitate resolutions in a confidential setting.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to submit an inquiry or contact our Patient Advocate:

Email: kgagnon@ornge.ca
Phone: 705.268.5011 (from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday)