Ornge provides high quality air ambulance service and medical transport to people who are critically ill or injured. In the air and on the ground, our job is to be there for patients, so they can get safe and timely care, transport and access to health services they need. Learn more below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your office located?

The Ornge Head Office is located in Mississauga, Ontario; however, there are 14 bases located across the province. Learn more about Ornge's locations.

Where did the name Ornge come from?

In 2005, a new, not-for-profit entity known as Ontario Air Ambulance Services Co. (OAASC) was created to coordinate all air ambulance services in the province. The OAASC changed its name to Ornge in 2006 - a nod to the distinct colour of its aircraft and ambulances.  It is not an acronym. Learn more about Ornge's Programs and Services.

What types of vehicles are in Ornge’s Fleet?

Ornge uses helicopters, airplanes or land ambulance. The Ornge Operations Control Centre will determine the appropriate vehicle and crew for your transport. Learn more about Ornge's fleet.

How can I partner with Ornge on industry related research?

At Ornge, we are always interested in finding new opportunities to innovate and grow, if you are interested in partnering with us on industry related research, reach out at info@ornge.ca.

How can I take part in an Ornge procurement?

Please feel free to view our Bids and Tenders page.

How can I partner with Ornge on a media/filming opportunity?

At Ornge, we are always interested in finding new ways to reach different audiences through various mediums, if you are interested in partnering with us on a media or filming opportunity, reach out to us by viewing our Media Page or through media@ornge.ca.

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