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Update: Whistleblower Policy

July 27, 2020

27 July, 2020



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As part of its commitment to improving transparency, Ornge has developed a Whistleblower Policy for staff that will protect the identity of anyone disclosing wrongdoing within the organization, and shield him or her from reprisal. This policy has established an Independent Ethics Officer to receive disclosures of wrongdoing and to determine appropriate handling and investigation steps.   

Please note:  There has been a change to the email contact for the Ornge Whistleblowing Policy.  Disclosures must be made to the Independent Ethics Officer who is employed by the independent accounting firm, Pricewaterhouse Coopers LLP, via phone call to 416-687-8327 or in writing to ca_ornge_whistleblower@pwc.com. The complete policy can be found at this link.


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