Corporate Reporting

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Corporate Reporting

Patient Satisfaction Survey

Ornge has been actively surveying patients since April 2010.  Approximately 7,900 patients have been surveyed with an average response rate of  42 per cent.  These surveys are done by a third party, NRC Picker, which also provides many Ontario hospitals with their patient satisfaction report cards. Please view the results on the publications page.

Healthcare Partner Survey

In a continuing effort to improve our services, we annually survey our Central Ambulance Communication Centres, Paramedic Services, and hospital partners. These surveys are designed to obtain information that will help us continually improve and respond to your needs.  Please view the results for this year's survey on our publications page.

Quality Improvement Plan

As part of Ornge's Performance Agreement, Ornge produces an annual Quality Improvement Plan which sets forth annual performance targets, the justification for those targets, and information concerning the manner in and extent to which Ornge's executive compensation is linked to the achievement of those targets. The Quality Improvement Plan is available to view on our publications page.

Consulting Contracts
As part of the 2012 Amended Performance Agreement, Ornge is required to disclose a detailed list of all consulting contracts.  Ornge is also bound by the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, 2010 (BPSAA) to post the BPSAA Compliance Attestation.


Forced and Child Labour Report
Forced labour and child labour risks occur primarily through the global supply chains of businesses. There is a risk that goods imported into and distributed in Canada were produced with forced labour or child labour. Entities and government institutions doing business in Canada have a responsibility to ensure that exploitative practices are addressed and eradicated from their supply chains. To read the report, please click here.